HCTZ and Potassium

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Can HCTZ have an effect on potassium?  Does HCTZ usage lead to potassium loss?

Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) is a diuretic or water pill, it helps the body get rid of excess fluid.  However, in the process of eliminating the excess water it can also cause the body to lose potassium, sodium and magnesium.

This possible low potassium level should be monitored by your healthcare provider.  If the potassium loss is significant, it could cause serious health problems.  If your doctor is concerned about electrolyte imbalances they may prescribe a combination pill with the diuretic triamterene.  The addition of triamterene can help the body hold on to more potassium.

Most people are able to use this medication without any problems.  Just be certain your labs are monitored on a regular basis.  Be aware of how you feel and make sure any new medications are safe to use with HCTZ.

Always contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately if you believe you may be experiencing side effect from this or any medication.  And, keep in mind most health conditions, including excess fluid accumulation, may be improved with diet and lifestyle changes.

Feel free to tell us about your experience with HCTZ in the comments below.  Thank you.

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