Shingles Shot Side Effects


Shingles shot side effects should be considered before receiving the shingles vaccine.  In fact, most people consider the shingles shot vaccine side effects before they worry about the shingles shot cost.  Continue reading to weight the shingles shot pros and cons.


Shingles shot side effects

The Shingles vaccine is  a live zoster vaccine sold under the name Zostavax®.  This is a live vaccine that can only be given if you have a prescription from your Doctor.  Being a live vaccine, it does seem to have more side effects than other vaccines.

The most common side effect I’ve seen in the pharmacy is a rash near the injection site.  One out of three people may develop the rash.  It tends to be a red oval shaped rash on the back of the arm.  If is doesn’t go away after a few days, contact your Doctor.

Other side effects may include headache and mild fever.  Always contact a health care provider immediately if you believe you are experiencing side effects. Rarely anaphylaxis and death can occur from vaccines.

Not everyone should get the shingles vaccine shot.  You should not have the vaccine if you are allergic to gelatin or neomycin, have a weak immune system, are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, have had the Pneumovax® in the last 4 weeks, or are taking high doses of steroids.  Be sure you talk to your Doctor about all your medications and health conditions, so they can determine if the shingles shot is right for you.  And, always double check with your Pharmacist to make sure you are ready for the vaccine.

Since it is a live vaccine, there is a small chance the virus could be transmitted to susceptible contacts.  Talk to your health care provider if you are in close contact with people with weak immune systems, small children and infants and pregnant women.

How often do you get a shingles shot?  It is currently recommend one time only.

Read the CDC’s information sheet for more information about the side effects of shingles vaccine information.

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