Is the shingles shot painful


Is injection of the shingles shot painful?  How much is it going to hurt when I get the shingles vaccine?

This is a common question people have before receiving the vaccine.  For most people it hurts just a bit more than a flu shot.  The shingles shot vaccine is generally give in the arm subcutaneously.  That means the person giving the shot will gently pinch some skin and inject the vaccine just under the skin.  A flu shot, in comparison is usually injected in the the deltoid muscle.

Most patients I’ve given the vaccine to have said it hurt less than they thought it would.  Developing a rash a the injection site is more common than a painful sensation from the injection.

Be sure to learn everything you can about the shingles shot and talk to your doctor before deciding if you want the shingles shot.  Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any questions you have about the live shingles shot vaccine.

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