Taking Levothyroxine

Thyroid Medication

You are taking levothyroxine becasue you have low thyroid levels in the body and you need to supplement. Your Doctor has prescribed a thyroid replacement like levothyroxine sodium.  Knowing how to properly take the medication will help ensure that you get the whole dose.

Empty stomach

This is very important.  Just the thyroid pill and water.  Even coffee may affected the amount of thyroid entering your body.

The morning works best for most people, however, I’ve seen bedtime work well too.

Anything else may reduce the amount of synthetic thyroid that enters your body.

One important note.  If you have been taking it with food or vitamins and your levels are consistent.  DO NOT change the way you take the medication.  Starting to take it on an empty stomach will most likely result in too high of thyroid levels in your body.

Other medications

L-thyroxine may affect other medications.

Blood thinners may have a stronger effect.

Cholestyramine and colestipol may reduce the amount of thyroid absorbed.

Do not take an iodine supplements without talking to your Doctor first.  Some thyroid conditions may actually be worsened when you take iodine.

More about taking levothyroxine

Do not use for weight lose.  Large doses may cause heart attack and death.

Thyroid supplementation should started cautiously in people with existing heart disease.


Thyroid overdose can be life threatening.  Never take more than your prescribed dose.

Overdose symptoms include: anxiety/nervousness, trouble sleeping, unusual menstrual cycle, change in mental status, chest pain, seizures, fever and headache.

Contact a Doctor immediately if you believe you have gotten too much thyroid.

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