Levothyroxine Sodium Dosage

Thyroid Medication

What is the dosage of levothyroxine Sodium?  How do you calculate the correct dose of levothyroxine?

Your health care provider will calculate the appropriate dose of levothyroxine sodium based on lab test.  The test will indicate whether or not your body is making the correct amount of thyroid hormone.

The dosage forms available at the pharmacy will indicate the dose in milligrams (mg) or micrograms (mcg).  The following doses are available commercially.

  • 0.0.25mg/25mcg tablets
  • 0.05mg/50mcg tablets
  • 0.075mg/75mcg tablets
  • 0.088mg/88mcg tablets
  • 0.1mg/100mcg tablets
  • 0.112mg/112mcg tablets
  • 0.125mg/125mcg tablets
  • 0.137mg/137mcg tablets
  • 0.15mg/150mcg tablets
  • 0.175mg/175mcg tablets
  • 0.2mg/200mcg tablets
  • 0.3mg/300mcg tablets

Always contact your doctor if you believe you need your levothyroxine dose adjusted.  Symptoms that may indicate your dose is too low could be: brittle hair, dry skin, drowsiness.  Symptoms that may indicate your dose is too high could be: racing heart, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and nervousness.

Contact your pharmacist if you have any questions about taking and using thyroid replacement correctly.

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