Finding the Best Medicare Part D Plan for you

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What is the best Medicare Part D plan for me?  Where do I find the best plan comparison?  How do you find the best plan?

Medicare has made it very simple to find the best plan.  And, you should check your plan each year during open enrollment to ensure you have the best plan for you.  Just visit Medicare’s website and click on “Find health and drug plans.”  Follow the instructions for a comparison of available plans and you’ll be on your way to saving money in the next year.  Make sure you list all the medications you are using to ensure the website can properly figure out the best plan for you.

find the best medicare part d plan for you

More help

What if you don’t have a computer or can’t navigate a website?  Your insurance agent may be able to list the best plans they offer.  Ask your agent if they will do a personalized search.

The local Senior’s Center will often have people come in to help navigate the Medicare insurance plans.  If they do not they maybe able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

Pharmacies may be able to help.  Pharmacist are NOT allowed to recommend plans.  They may be able to interpret the information you get from the website.


When comparing plans be sure to look if there is a deductible.  We see many surprised patients in January, they didn’t realized the new plan they signed up for had a deductible.

Make sure the plan can be used at your preferred pharmacy.  Sometimes the least expensive copay are only at mail order pharmacies.  Ensure that your plan will work at the pharmacy you like to use.

A little bit of planning ahead can save you lots of money in the new year.  Take the time to ensure you have the best Medicare Part D plan for the next year.

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