Ibuprofen for swelling

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Does Ibuprofen reduce swelling? Does it make you sleepy? What types of swelling does ibuprofen help?

Ibuprofen is a Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug or NSAID. It is sold under the brand names Advil® and Motrin®. It is use for pain and fever. Typically it is used to help with pain that is caused by inflammation.Ibuprofen does it reduce swelling and does it cause sleepiness

Ibuprofen does help reduce swelling that is caused by inflammation. It is used for injuries, over exertion pain and inflammation, dental pain and inflammation like wisdom teeth and gums, or even facial swelling from dental issues. Ibuprofen also reduces fevers. It is usually not useful for swelling caused from fluid retention, like swelling in the feet. In fact, ibuprofen can even cause fluid retention is rare instances – which then could lead to swelling in the feet and other extremities.

Drowsiness and sleepy feelings can happen with ibuprofen, but is tends to be uncommon. However, since some people do report sleepiness from time to time it is always best to try a dose or two before engaging in activities that require alertness. If it make you too tired during the day, the doctor my need to try a different medication. The drowsiness sometimes seems to be associated with the higher doses like 600mg and 800mg.

Most people that use ibuprofen for a short time have very little problems. The most common side effects include: nausea, constipation, drowsiness, rash, fluid retention, stomach upset, ringing in the ears and increased sensitivity to light. Long-term use does put one at higher risk of other side effects like bleeding in the stomach or colon, heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure and certain kidney issues.

I you feel you need to use ibuprofen long-term be sure to discuss it with you doctor. Many people are able to use for extend periods of time without and problems, but there are risks and you should discuss those with your healthcare provider.

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