difference between loratadine and chlorpheniramine maleate

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What is the difference between chlorpheniramine maleate and loratadine? How do the two antihistamines differ? They are both allergy medications and both are used to treat allergy symptoms

Loratadine is a newer second generation antihistamine and is usually associated with less drowsiness than older antihistamines.

Chlorpheniramine maleate is a first generation antihistamine.  It works well for many allergy symptoms but has a higher risk of drowsiness and dry mouth.

Most allergy suffers seem to have the best luck with loratadine.  It is taken just once a day and few people have side effects.  However, chlorpheniramine maleate is still very useful.  The chlorpheniramine helps reduce drainage, it helps  reduce the cough and throat irritation caused by sinus drainage.  The chlorpheniramine is associated with a higher chance of drowsiness, so one must exercise caution.

It is best to check with your doctor or pharmacist and determine which antihistamine is best for you.  You’ll want to make sure the allergy medicine is safe to use with your other medications and health conditions.

I do hope this information is of use to you.  Please ask me a question if you’d like me to explain a medicine or something pharmacy related.

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