Aspirin with Aleve

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Can I take Aspirin with Aleve?  Is it safe to use them together, even if it is just a low dose aspirin[baby aspirin]?

Aleve[naproxen] and aspirin both have the potential to cause bleeding in the body.  It usually occurs in the stomach or intestines, buy may occur elsewhere in the body.

Using both medications at the same time does increase the risk of bleeding.  Even if you are take a low dose of aspirin [81mg].  Remember, either medication alone can cause bleeding problems, so taking both just increases that.

Talk to your doctor before using both medications.  Also, consider your diet and lifestyle.  What you eat can contributes to inflammation in the body, remove foods that cause inflammation [processed foods] and you may be surprised how much better you feel.

If you have a medication question, please ask.  Do remember, talk to your doctor before making and changes in medications of lifestyle.

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