Zantac and Losartan

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Can I take Zantac (ranitidine) and Losartan together? Is there an interaction between losartan potassium and ranitidine?

Zantac [and the generic ranitidine] is a H2 blocker and is usually used to reduce the amount of stomach acid produced.  It helps reduce hear burn and acid reflux symptoms. It may be used for other conditions by your doctor.

Losartan (you may also see listed as losartan potassium or as the brand name Cozaar) is a blood pressure medication from the class known as ARBs.  The ARBs help reduce blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.  They also may have an effect on electrolytes like potassium and sodium. ARBs may also be used in diabetics to preserve kidney function.zantac-and-losartan

There are no identified interactions between Zantac and Losartan. One could expect to use them safely together. I always encourage patients to be mindful of adverse reactions, but I would expect the likelihood of problems be extremely low with these two medicines.

However, if you find you need the ranitidine frequently, I would encourage you to speak with a health care provider. Some stomach acid problems can be serious. It is worth taking the time to find out if your symptoms are temporary or if you have a more chronic condition.

I applaud you for taking the time to learn more about your medications. An educated patient is more aware of potential problems and may be able to alert healthcare providers before it become a major issue.

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