Losartan Potassium

High Blood Pressure Medication

What is losartan

Losartan is from a class of medications known as Angiotensin II (AII) Receptor Blockers.  Stimulation of AII receptors cause blood vessels to contract and the body to retain sodium. Blocking this receptor allows the vessels to relax and the body to excrete excess sodium, than in turn decreases blood pressure.

Losartan Dosage

Usually starting dose is 50 mg once a day. Maximum dose is usually 100 mg a day. Some people may have better control of blood pressure when taken twice a day. Losartan tablets are available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg tablets.

How do you take losartan

It is best taken at the same time each day. Your Doctor may recommend a certain time of day. It can be taken with or without food. Avoid supplements containing potassium or salt substitutes.

Side Effects of losartan

Common side effects can include: dizziness, low blood pressure, chest pain, low blood sugar, headache, loss of appetite, constipation, rash, muscle cramps, racing heart, cough and others.

Rare and serious side effects may include: Swelling of the face or throat, muscle damage, birth defects, and liver toxicity. Always seek medical attention if you think you may be having a serious side effect.

Other side effect can and do occur.

Losartan HCTZ

Losartan may be used in combination with the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ). The two medications can work synergistically to lower blood pressure.

Losartan and…

ED – Losartan may improve erectile function, especially in diabetic patients. Read about it in this clinical trial.

Alcohol –Avoidance is recommended, as you could get an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Some people may tolerate an occasional drink, check with your doctor first.

Potassium – Losartan can increase the amount of potassium in the body, your doctor will monitor. It is usually best to avoid potassium supplements ask your Doctor before taking extra potassium.

Grapefruit – It may reduce the effectiveness of losartan. It does seem to vary from person to person. Talk to your Doctor if you are uncertain and it would probably be a good idea to monitor your blood pressure.

Hair Loss – Not likely, reported as a side effect in less than 1% of people using losartan. Talk to your health care provider if you feel your medications may be causing hair loss.

Pregnancy – Avoid, talk to your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant. There are safer drugs to use during pregnancy.

Cough – A dry cough can occur, although it is not common.

Tylenol – No serious drug interactions have been noted between losartan and Tylenol (acetaminophen). Most people are able to use them together safely.

Please talk to a Doctor or Pharmacist if  you think you may be having side effects with this or any medication.

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