Lisinopril with Metformin

Drug Interactions, High Blood Pressure Medication

Can I take lisinopril with metformin?  Yes, the two medications are often used together.

There is some concern that the lisinopril (a blood pressure lowering medication) may increase the blood glucose lowering effect of metformin (a medication that reduces blood sugar levels).  It does not seem to clinically relevant, as many patients taking metformin are also taking lisinopril.

If you have concerns about your medications be sure to contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.  And, also be sure to contact a health care provider before making any changes in your medication therapy.

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  • Cedric Way Link

    I take lisinopril and Metformin . Lately it’s been making me nauseous and weak and hot . Could it be making my glucose levels drop to low . Should I start taking them at different times opposed to rite behind each other ? Thanks in advance…

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