Lisinopril Starting Dose

High Blood Pressure Medication

What is the usual starting dosage of Lisinopril?  It depends what it is being used for.  Most people are started at the 5mg once a day dose, and then increased slowly up to about 40mg if needed.

In diabetics, the starting dose may only be the 2.5mg tablets.  Especially if they are using  lisinopril to protect kidney function and the patient doesn’t have high blood pressure.  Doses above 2.5mg could cause low blood pressure leading to dizziness and feeling faint.

Other conditions that need to be considered when determining the starting dose include: Age, Kidney function and other medications the patient may be taking.  Always tell your health care provider about any other medications and supplements you may be using.

Always talk to your doctor before changing your medication dose.  And, be sure to contact your Pharmacist if you have and questions or concerns about your medicine.

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