Lisinopril Side Effects

High Blood Pressure Medication

Here is a video about potential side effects of Lisinopril. Topics covered include:

What is Lisinopril

Common Side Effects

Rare and Serious Side Effects

Lisinopril cough

Lisinopril and Alcohol

Long Term Side Effects of Lisinopril

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  • That sounds like a difficult situation. Is your mom willing to see an internal medicine Doctor? If she may have Alzheimer’s, it would be best to be evaluated by another physician. A neurologist may be able to confirm the diagnosis or determine if she is having side effects from her medication.


    My Mother was prescribed Lisinopril 3 years ago after a heart attack. Since then she has steadily declined, starting with the dry cough and has moved along to such severe confusion, dizziness, anorexia, insomnia, etc, that the hack cardiologist she is seeing is now telling her she has Alzheimer’s. This doctor refuses to consider changing her blood pressure medication, even though our family has approached him about these known side effects of this drug. What should I do? My Mother refuses to get another opinion and this Dr. Weinberg is killing her.

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