HCTZ and Sulfa Allergy

Drug Interactions, High Blood Pressure Medication

Can I take HCTZ if I have a sulfa allergy?  If I am allergic to sulfa drugs, is it safe for me to take hydrochlorothiazide?

It is not recommended that you use HCTZ if you have true allergy to Sulfa medications.  This common diuretic, often used to treat high blood pressure, can cause an allergic reactions in people sensitive to sulfonamides and sulfonylureas.

There are plenty of other options for treating high pressure if you can’t take hydrochlorothiazide.  Plus, Diet and Lifestyle changes are a great way to reduce hypertension.

Talk with your doctor about your allergies before starting this or any new medications.  And, always be sure your pharmacy has all your allergies on file – so they can properly screen new medications for potential adverse reactions.

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