Levothyroxine and ranitidine

Drug Interactions

levothyroxind and ranitidine


Can I take Levothyroxine [Synthroid] and Ranitidine [Zantac]?

Levothyroxine (and the brand name Synthroid) is synthetic thyroid. It is use to replace or supplement thyroid in the body.

Ranitidine (and the brand name Zantac) is a H2 blocker. It reduces the amount of stomach acid produced in the body.

There is not a specific interaction between levothyroxine and ranitidine, but it is always best to take levothyroxine by itself. The absorption of levothyroxine can be affected by many things, if you’d like to take Zantac it would be best to wait an hour after taking they Synthorid. It is always a good idea to take thyroid replacement at a different time than other medications. If ranitidine is going to be used daily, your healthcare provider may want to check your thyroid labs in 4 to 6 weeks to ensure there has been no change, as the change in stomach pH could affect how the thyroid is absorbed.

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before starting new medications to ensure they can be safely used together. Even nonprescription medications can cause problems.

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