Resistant Starch for Blood Sugar Control

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Can taking resistant starch really help control by blood sugar?

It seems a bit counter intuitive that taking starch could improve blood glucose control, however, once you understand resistant starch a little more – it starts to make sense.  Lentils and Beans have been known to reduce the blood sugar spike of the next meal consumed[known as “lentil effect” or “second meal effect”].  Example, beans for breakfast and whatever you have for lunch doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much.  Here is a nice video that explains it.

What is happening?  The beans have resistant starch (RS) and that RS isn’t digested in the small intestine.  Once the RS hits the large intestine your gut flora (the bacteria living there) start to break it down.  The body responds in various ways to the products of the RS breakdown, with the end result being lower blood sugar from subsequent food intake.

Here is the great part, there is a resistant starch supplement that is all RS.  Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch is all RS as long as it is not cooked.  So you can add RS to your diet without adding additional digestible carbohydrates.  The target doses seems to be about 4 tablespoons of the potato starch every day.

The benefits of blood sugar control doesn’t seem to be the only benefit of RS.  The RS is food for the beneficial bacterial in the colon.  Feeding the bacteria seems to improve the number of good bacterial.  This has many implications, improved immune function, reduced allergies, improved mood and improvement in autoimmunity conditions… seem to be just a few of the potential benefits.

Always talk to your doctor before you begin taking any supplement.  Diabetics need to be especially careful, low blood sugar could occur if medications are not adjusted.  Anyone with potato or nightshade allergies should probably stay away from potato starch.

The best part is that potato starch is food.  Flatulence seems to be the most serious side effect.  If there was a medication that could reduce blood sugar and had few side effects it would be a blockbuster.  I really believe food is the most powerful medicine, each spoonful put in your body can enhance health or it can enhance the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies – I choose to feed my beneficial bacteria.

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