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  • Hello my name is April I live in East Liverpool Ohio and I was on metformin dosage of 1,00 mg a after a gallbladder surgery I got it is a form of medication to help with my PCOS and regulating a cyst but it did not help or reduce any of the side effects I took it for six and a half almost 7 years no weight change I just had all the severe side effects they never stop told me to stop taking it so I don’t know hey this is the reason why I have so many side effects but they were getting major like that to the point where I can’t even go out of my house for long periods of time without have to worry about something happening put on PCOS but my weight never change gained weight not Lost any weight but the the first year I lost 30-35 pounds in the first 1year but it came back on I weight and about 230 and at the end I weight 270 I gained weight from take this medicine for almost 7 year I had all the typical symptoms of the beginning I mean is worse than overtime or pretty soon within that 3 years 4 years into it I just cannot really stand but they kept telling me just continue to take it side effects will go away you’ll get better they have me up to 3 pills a day and then I have drop me down to two and I dropped out what a week every other day I took one and then I got off of it I think it’s not me for every person that has PCOS lol April Lamp Eastliverpool Ohio lol have a great day .😀

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