Citalopram Dosing

Depression Medication

Dosing of citalopram can vary depending on the person and the condition.   Generally, adults are started on 20mg dosage once a day with or without food.

The dose may be increased to 40mg a day.  Rarely doses of 60mg a may be used.  Higher doses are only recommended in people with good liver and kidney function.

Tablets are available in 10mg, 20mg and 40mg.  Dose changes should always be coordinated with your health care provider.  Decrease a daily dose should be completed slowly to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

The full effect of citalopram may take several weeks to be noticed.  Please give it some time for it to help you fully.  Depression is a serious condition, find a health care provider that will help you.

Be sure to contact your Doctor or other health care provider immediately if you have any changes in behavior or if your depression worsens.

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