How to Use True Metrix Control Solution

Blood Sugar Testing

Using true metrix control solution

True Metrix Control Solution is available to ensure your strips and meter are functions properly thus ensuring accurate blood glucose readings.

When to use Control Solution

  • To practice your technique
  • On occasion to test your strips
  • When opening a new vial
  • If the test strips have been exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity
  • If the meter may have been damaged
  • If you feel the reading may be inaccurate

How to use True Metrix Control Solution

Ensure your bottle of control solution is for True Metrix® meters, do not use control solution from other manufacturers. Verify both the control solution and test strips are not expired. The manufacturer recommends discarding the control solution 3 months after opening the bottle.

Ensure strips, solution and meter are at room temperature.

Gently swirl or tip the bottle of solution over to mix, do not shake.

Insert a strip in the meter as you would for regular testing.

Squeeze a drop of control solution on a clean tissue, wipe the tip and discard the tissue. Place a drop of solution on a clean piece of aluminum foil or clear plastic wrap.

Touch the strip to the control solution, until the meter beeps. Wait for the reading to appear.

Compare the reading to the ranges on the bottle of test strips that you used.

There are three levels of solutions, the manufacturer recommends using at least two different levels. Contact True Metrix® if your reading fall out of range.

Refer to the owner’s booklet for complete instructions.

Check out the video, I show you how to use control solution.

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