Welcome to Pharmacist Tips! My name is Josh and I’ve been a pharmacist for well over a decade now.  I’ve built this site to help people better understand medications.  The pharmacy is a busy place and you may not get to spend as much time speaking with the pharmacist as you like, or you have forgotten what they said when you were there.


I want help you better understand medications.  I cannot give specific advice, but I can explain many pharmacy related items – including: medication side effects, insurance questions, regular dosages and any other items you may have questions about that are related to pharmacy.

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I also want to help you understand how to improve your health and possibly get off some of your medications through diet and lifestyle changes.  Medications save countless live, but they are not without risk.  And, I feel the medical community causes more confusion than help when it come to what is a healthy diet.

Please, ask me a question.  And, Visit my YouTube Channel.

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