Shingles Shot Cost


How much does the shingles shot cost? is one of the first things potential recipients want to know.  Does insurance cover it?

The cash price for the shingles shot (Zostavax®) in the US is about two-hundred dollars.  The price with insurance will vary greatly.

If you have Medicare Part D it will most likely be covered at the pharmacy – with you being responsible for a copay.  A call to the customer service number on your Part D card should give you an idea of what it will cost you – be sure to ask what the price would be if your deductible has not be met.

For other insurance coverage is highly variable.  It may or may not be covered.  And, if it is, it may only be covered at the Doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, or either one.  Call the customer service number on your insurance or call your insurance agent to find out.  It can save you a lot of hassle.

Once you decide what the price will be, it is time to consider the potential side effects.

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