Lisinopril Hair Loss and ED

Side Effects

Can Lisinopril cause Hair Loss? If so, is the loss reversible, will it grow back? Does Lisinopril cause ED (erectile dysfunction)?

Lisinopril Hair Loss and ED

Hair loss has been reported in less than 1% of people who use Lisinopril. However, this case study found Lisinopril likely caused hair loss (alopecia) in a 53-year-old male. The hair loss did resolve when he was switched to Losartan.  It appears likely the hair loss is reversible and may grow back.

Ed is reported in less than 1% of men taking Lisinopril. In fact, ACE inhibitors may improve erectile function. The improvement may be from the medication’s effect of widening blood vessels.  This analysis concluded that ACE Inhibitors did not increase the occurrence of ED short term.

If you feel you are experiencing side effects from Lisinopril please contact the prescriber. The medication may need to be changed.

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