Losartan | how long until it works and how long does it stay in the system

High Blood Pressure Medication

How long does it take losartan to work?  How long does losartan stay in the system?

Losartan is a medication used to lower blood pressure. It is from a class of medicines known as ARBs. Angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs) treat high blood pressure by causing blood vessels to relax.  They may have an effect on electrolytes like sodium and potassium and your health care provider will monitor your electrolytes with labs.

It starts working within 6 hours of taking the medication by mouth. It must be taken daily for the blood pressure to adequately controlled. And, it could be up to a month until the full effect of the medication is realized. It is important to take it every day to maintain lower blood pressure.losartan-in-the-system-and-when-it-works

The losartan in the system does not last long.  The liver converts it to a more powerful medicine.  The more powerful form of losartan has a half life of 6 to 9 hours.  That means every 6 to 9 hours half of the medicine is removed from the body.  However, enough of the medicine stays in the system to provide blood lower effects for 24 hours. Those with impaired livers may need lower doses.

If you don’t feel your medication is not working properly or you feel you may be experiencing side effects, be sure to contact your doctor or pharmacist. Never make changes to your medications or diet without first speaking to your healthcare provider.

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