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flonase and loratadine used together

Can I use Flonase and loratadine together?

Flonase is a steroid nasal spray. The steroid has an anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal tissue. The reduced inflammation reduces mainly nasal allergy symptoms and stuffiness. Common side effects can include nasal irritation, dizziness, headache and bloody noses.

Loratadine (and the brand name Claritin) is a second generation antihistamine or allergy medication. It blocks the H1 receptor in the body preventing histamine from causing allergy symptoms. It is sometimes combined with the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine. Most common side effects can include dry mouth,  headache and diarrhea.

Flonase and loratadine can be used together. It often makes sense to use Claritin together with a steroid nasal spray. The two can work to control allergy symptoms in different ways. The nasal spray if often added when the allergy medication doesn’t quite control all the nasal symptoms associated with allergies.

Allergy symptoms can be frustrating. Be certain to speak with a healthcare provider if you are uncertain how to treat your allergy symptoms or you are not sure which medications can be used together safely.

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